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Global amphibian population declines: 30 years of progress in confronting a complex problem
Sep 20, 2019, 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM
Redpath Museum,
859 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montréal, QC

About the symposium

In 1989, at the landmark 1st World Congress of Herpetology, scientists first became concerned that observations of declining or lost amphibian populations were not simply isolated incidents but were global in scope and severity. The plight of amphibians became front-page news and the newly generated interest in their population biology generated a massive increase in our understanding of their ecology, epidemiology and conservation biology. To mark 30 years of research into amphibian population declines and Canada’s pivotal contributions to this important research initiative, we are holding an international symposium on amphibian ecology and conservation biology to bring together many of the principle researchers now making significant advances in the field.

You can also register for the Canadian Herpetological Society 2019 meeting, taking place at the same venue. Click on the button below for more information.

Symposium Schedule : Session 1

8:30 AM

David M. Green: Welcome & Introduction

8:40 AM

Michael Lannoo: Environmental change & amphibians

9:00 AM

Evan Grant: Large scale trends in amphibian populations

9:20 AM

Pablo Menendez: South American amphibians and climate

9:40 AM

Breda Zimkus: Amphibians in sub-Saharan Africa

10:00 AM

Francesco Ficetola: Invasive species & amphibian conservation

10:20 AM


10:40 AM

Wendy Palen: Community ecology & threats to amphibians

11:00 AM

Hugo Cayuela: Ecology and evolution of amphibian dispersal

11:20 AM

Paige Howell: Metapopulation ecology & modelling

11:40 AM

Amanda Zellmer: Amphibian spatial ecology

Symposium Schedule: Session 2

2:00 PM

David Lesbarrères: Amphibian disease ecology

2:20 PM

Louise Rollins-Smith: Amphibian immune system

Eria Rebollar: Amphibian/microbial environments

2:40 PM

3:00 PM

Kelly Zamudio: Functional genomics & amphibians

3:20 PM


3:00 PM

Erin Muths: Landscape ecology & amphibian conservation

4:00 PM

Benedikt Schmidt: Evidence-based amphibian conservation

4:20 PM

David M. Green: Integrative understanding of amphibian biology

4:40 PM

David M. Green: Wrap-up of symposium

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